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Idioms – Anatomists: Piece of cake

“Idioms Anatomists” analyses the peculiarities in the organism of our culture – through idiomatic expressions. And what is in the basis of our culture? What is our own social organism made of? Which is the basis of our shared model? The ideology of consumerism!
Since 2007 Bulgaria has been a part of the European union, and our culture is officially part of the western one. Before religion, territory and politics – the ideology of consumerism is what connects the western nations to each other above all.
In the “Idioms Anatomists” project, through language means, interpreted in an artistic way, I examine the common things between the Bulgarian language and the main language in the western civilization – the English language. I have chosen idiomatic expressions in English, related to consumption and the social attitude towards it, which have their counterpart in Bulgarian as well. The goal is to make a comparison between the idioms and therefore, between the cultures.
Within the context of global culture, the Bulgarian language is in a weaker position and is functioning as a temporary protected space. In future plans, Bulgarian language will lose more and more of its position, giving way to the English language. Through globalization, opening of borders and new technological development, the English language is settling ever more and more obviously into the Bulgarian culture.
Consumption is a temporary protected space. The space among body, spirit and mind. It gives you the illusionary sensation of security, protection and prosperity. A sensation that disappears the next moment you feel hunger again.
• Consumption is an imitation of healthy nutrition.
• Consumption is eating with your eyes.
• Consumption is panacea, Prozac, cure for all ills, pain killer.
• Consumption is the most popular language for communication in the world.
• Consumption is the universal substitute for love.
• “Consumption” is a euphemism for survival. But after everything has been consumed, what will survive?

language consultant Daniel Nenchev

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